Mosaic courses basic and advanced

  • Veneto, scuola mosaicoVeneto school of mosaic art.
    The basic program includes learning the mosaic art technique indirectly by making a small mosaic with simple design.
    We will start with some theoretical notions, then the design, we will cut the materials and make the mosaic with marble or glass tesserae.
    The mosaic created by the students will remain in their possession.
    For those wanting to deepen their learning, we will be able to make mosaics with a more complex design.
    The more advanced levels provide learning the technique of slaked lime and the technique used on different surfaces.
    The course takes place at my workshop in Loreo (Rovigo), with classes lasting between two to three hours. Training projects for groups can take place at the applicants’  headquarters Lessons can be individual or for groups.
    Please contact me via email at any time should you require any further information.
  • Mosaico geometricoElena, architect from Rovigo, wants to learn the mosaic technique.
    We decide together a little tile to do in a few hours.
    These are a few moments of is work.
  • Cosrso base mosaicoBasic course of mosaic
    My very respectable students  made, with marble tesseras, a tile depicting flower Byzantin.

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Posted: 10 September 2015

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